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  • Every Possibility Is Conceivable

    Allow us to introduce a new kind of beer

    Epic Ales brews new beers and different flavors very regularly. Below you’ll find our currently available brews.

    Huckleberry Sour

    small-huckleberryOne of our solara-style barrel aged sours. Every 6-9 months we package half of the batch (30 gallon), fill it back up with fresh beer and huckleberries. Thus each batch becomes an increasingly complex blend. This is a wonderful beer to cellar.

    Interesting Picture of Animals

    small-ipa1Our first IPA in a non-stop series of one-offs. Malt heavy and hopped with Falconer Flight 7-cs. Super fruity, citrusy, bitter and sweet. Like all of our beers from this series. Do not age it. Enjoy the hops while they are at their most aromatic.

    OG 1.067   FG 1.010

    ABV 7.5   IBU 60

    Old Warehouse


    small-oldwarehouseA barrel aged sour brewed in a solara method. Every six months, we package a bit half of the barrel then re-fill it. Each batch becomes an increasingly complex blend. This beer is made with pilsner malt, mild hops and the micro-fuana of the brewhouse. When we release the bottles they are ready, but will age wonderfully for decades.

    OG 1.042   FG 1.002

    ABV 5   IBU 5

    L’abbaye d’orange



    A Belgian-style dubbel brewed with orange blossoms. It’s semi-sweet, fruity and very floral. Dark and rich, this is a great beer to have with a cigar or rich chocolate cake. This beer should age really well.

    OG 1.070   FG 1.010

    ABV 8   IBU 15



    A young sour ale, made with just pilsner malt and soured using the micro-fuana of the brewhouse. This beer will age well but is meant to be enjoyed now. At the Gastropod we offer a rotating selection of syrups to add to it. We recommend making your own cocktails with it.

    OG 1.044   FG 1.007

    ABV 5   IBU 10

    It’s Pouring Again



    Our second IPA in a non-stop series of one-off IPAs. Released in 1/14, enjoy before 3/14. Made with rice and barley, it’s super dry. Hopped with Comet, Citra and Bobek.

    OG 1.059   FG 1.009

    ABV 6.7   IBU 70

    Rooibos Red


    A hearty malty west coast red, made complex with loads of rooibos tea. We use one pound per barrel.

    Salty Ghosts


    Based on a seemingly strange traditional German beer. It is a sour wheat with coriander and seasalt. Refreshing and savory. This beer is great for both a hot summer day and a heavy stew on a winter night.

    OG 1.037   FG 1.005

    ABV 4.2   IBU 10

    Solar Trans-Amplifier



    Perhaps the closest beer to a flagship made by Epic Ales. This was the first beer we brewed and four years later we continue to brew it. It is a much like a Witt but brewed with rice and barley, making a much drier and refreshing beer.

    OG 1.053   FG 1.007

    ABV 6   IBU 21


    The Five Year Beer


    In the K R Trigger Building, there are several businesses. One of them is Tsurumi records. A one time brew, it is a cherry wood smoked oatmeal stout. Only 14 cases made.

    OG 1.054   FG 1.010

    ABV 5.8   IBU 45